8 ways to make men quickly attract the opposite sex


We have been discussing women who like women in the end. Today we will change our perspective and talk about men who like women. Do you think women only pay attention to the rise of men? Then you are very wrong, women actually like to see men from behind. Let’s take a look at what kind of man is the most feminine.

How do men get rid of a single man? What is the way men can attract the opposite sex?

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  What can a man do to attract the opposite sex?

  Leading the overall situation

What we are talking about is not where to go, where the younger brothers are going to follow. After all, what you are pursuing now is love, not loyalty, but using the body language that we just said, preparing for work beforehand, showing that you and others are not The same place – you can control the situation, no matter whether it is windy or rainy, sun exposure, you can naturally reveal your own charm, whether it is two people alone or a group of people go out to carnival, you can naturally integrate into different occasions, When you are funny, you can make a smile. When you are serious, you can tell the truth. The ability of this kind of town can make you stand out from the other 99% of men!


As I said before, sometimes a simple conversation can unload the other person’s heart defense. Similarly, I want to ask the other party to go out. I will ask the other party when I have time, but let myself look a little tweaked and unnatural. The other party said that your next plan, and then ask whether the other party is willing to join, this straightforward approach, and sometimes it is a shortcut to success.

How do men get rid of a single man? What is the way men can attract the opposite sex?

  sweet Nothing

Of course, we don’t want you to fill the other party’s soup, but when the other party tentatively complains about the sun’s makeup on the face, don’t idiotly answer each other “Yes! Your cosmetics don’t seem to be waterproof!”, like It’s “okay! You don’t make makeup more charming!” This basic scene is definitely included in the automatic reply system in the head! Not only does he feel that he is beautiful and will be complacent. Will be more for your heart, pay attention to your every move.

  Develop confidence

What is self-confidence? Self-confidence is the calm and unrestrained response to the advance and retreat. Everything in the hands of elegant and comfortable handling, not anxious, not anxious, not overwhelmed, smile when showing grace, can also hold your own principles when you are hard, when you can raise your hand When you show your confidence, you can definitely attract the attention of girls.

  Elegant departure after going to the phone number

Remember, it is an elegant departure, not a desperate exit. When you get the e-mail or phone number of the other party, the elegant departure can hang your appetite and let the other party look forward to what you want to do next. It is also another good way to surprise. Let her think about you too. I don’t know how you think about her. I can’t help but evoke her curiosity. It’s easy to behave better at other times.

How do men get rid of a single man? What is the way men can attract the opposite sex?

  Practice on the web first

Excessive indulging in the virtual world of the Internet, it will indeed make people fall into the world of Otaku and never return, but it is no exaggeration to use the Internet to cultivate the secrets of chasing women! At least on the Internet to post a message, to be able to achieve not dull, not cold, not to be able to pick up the words, in the real world, there are ways to face the face with the sister, not blushing, not letting the scene ugly, and then capture the hearts of the beautiful Let’s go!


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