How can first love couples get along even further?


Love will make people grow, but they will also suffer a lot in the process of growing up, especially for couples who are first love. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the skills of getting along with your first love couple. Let’s take a look at it.

  How can first love couples get along even further?

1. Falling in love is just creating opportunities for both parties to understand each other.

Those who are in love for the first time will always do their best to invest in their favorite objects. We must know that the focus of falling in love is to talk, and the results of the talks must have both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. And inappropriate points. Therefore, love can be talked about, but it can’t be talked about, and there is no expectation of a must.

Second, fall in love, opportunities come to know how to actively grasp but never force

Although there is a 50% chance of failure in dating, it is not that we must wait until we have full control. After all, there is no one hundred percent of things in the world. Only when we talk about it, we know that the other party is not suitable for ourselves. Therefore, although the marriage cannot be forced, the opportunity should not be easily let go, and we must actively grasp it.

Third, fall in love, don’t follow the feeling of blindly walking or it is easy to be deceived

Some people say that love is mostly blind. In this case, I would like to say where it is. If it is in the early days of love, it is better to be more sensible, and you must not follow the feeling and leave. To know more about each other, important things must be verified by yourself. You can’t listen to the other side and listen to the other person’s own words. Otherwise, once you are cheated, you will regret it.

How do first love couples get along with each other to get along more love couples get along with each other? First love couples get along with what to pay attention to

Fourth, fall in love, things that should not happen, avoid happening, know how to seek common ground while reserving differences

Since it is a true relationship, you must ask the other party to treat your heart with sincerity and sincerity. The things you talk about must be thoroughly understood, and important things must be thoroughly understood. However, dealing with such problems is also about skill. If you should not talk about things that should not be done, try not to touch them. Non-principal problems can be dealt with by the idea of ​​seeking common ground while reserving differences.

Fifth, fall in love, try to give the other party a suggestion to help them correct their bad habits

Although the fate can make two people who are not familiar with each other come together, from acquaintance to love. Because the growth environment of two people is different and the values ​​of life are different, it will inevitably lead to differences in life philosophy. Therefore, the best way is not to force them to live according to your habits, but to give more advice and flexibility to correct the bad habits that are developed in their lives.

6. Falling in love, finance should maintain relatively independent expenses and do what it takes.

Before the relationship between lovers has not been sublimated to the point of marriage, it is still necessary to adhere to the relatively independent financial revenue and expenditure management. Do not engage in the unified system. After all, love talks are good, if you can’t talk about it. There will be a lot of follow-up questions. The problem is that this does not affect the quality of love between two people, who is not a problem.

How do first love couples get along with each other to get along more love couples get along with each other? First love couples get along with what to pay attention to

What should you pay attention to when you get along?

  First, the desire to control is not too strong, the other party lacks personal space and freedom.

Many people like to use the excuse of “I love you” to bind the other half. Therefore, once love is too deep, many people have a partial solution to love, so they began to impose what they think on the other half. For example, when one of the two people is going to go out for a party, they will not let the other party go out alone, or they will bring themselves, or they will not let go. If they go, they will have problems. I say that this is because I love you. In fact, this is the freedom of the other person in the name of love. I believe that many couples have encountered such a situation.

  Second, lack of trust in the other half, like to use their own ideas to negate each other

Trust is the cornerstone of feelings, and each long-term stable relationship is bound to be based on trust. Trust can make two people feel a sense of security and practicality. However, some couples are in the process of getting along, because they love each other and lack trust, so they seem to suffer and lose, and then they start to be sensitive and suspicious. quarrel. Therefore, a lot of loved couples who lived and died, and finally separated because they did not trust each other.

  3. After the two sides quarreled, no one would admit their mistakes and stay in the cold war for a long time.

Quarrel between the couple is inevitable. Some have increased their feelings because of quarrels, while others broke up because of quarrels. In fact, even if the quarrel is over, I am afraid that the two sides will not bow their heads to admit their mistakes, and always hold on to the problem. No one wants to give each other a step. In the end, the other party thinks that you are unreasonable. Therefore, the forgiveness of the bottom line is also a kind of recovery.


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