How can I catch the man’s heart and teach you 5 strokes?


When a woman gets along with a man, when the passion is over, the man may reduce the attention to the woman. If a woman wants to grab a man’s heart, she needs to do something to get the attention of the man. So how to do something to get the attention of men, which requires some tricks.

How to grasp a person's heart how to grasp the man's heart how to grasp the man's heart

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  So how can a woman grasp the man’s heart?

  First, let men feel that you like sports

Men have an inexplicable love for sports, so many sports games see him dancing, so that he only has the game on TV, and ignores the existence of women. If a woman wants to get the attention of a man, then she needs to be involved in their world. You can sit next to him and watch the game with him, making him feel that you also like sports. Then he will feel that he has found a like-minded partner. He won’t refuse you when you take him to do some jogging or swimming exercises.

  Second, let him feel that you don’t mind if he looks at other women.

Men are visual animals. For some beautiful women, they always resist the temptation and always stare at them. For the man’s nature, a woman can also show in front of him that he likes to watch a handsome guy, deliberately letting him feel that you don’t mind him watching other women, but he can’t stop you from watching handsome guys. When he realizes this, he will not be unscrupulous and will be afraid of your thoughts, so he will not be too blatant.

How to grasp a person's heart how to grasp the man's heart how to grasp the man's heart

  Third, let the man feel that he is right.

There is no need for men and women to compete for a high level, especially in front of outsiders, even if you disagree with his views, but also give him a face. Sometimes he can agree with his thoughts, even though he doesn’t actually think so. You can tell him that you are right. This gives him a face, he will also think of being nice to you elsewhere.

  Fourth, I like your friends.

Sometimes a man meets with some of his pig friends, which makes you very disgusted, but can’t give him face in front of his friends. Therefore, a woman must also show her friends who like him, so she must be a part of his friends, but sometimes, he needs to use some small tricks to reduce his gatherings with his friends.

How to grasp a person's heart how to grasp the man's heart how to grasp the man's heart

  Fifth, I don’t mind how much you have.

If a man is very motivated, if he thinks he is a very good quality stock. Then don’t show that you are very focused on material, let him feel that you don’t care how much money he has, let him feel that you are not a material woman, you are willing to join him in trouble and advance together.

In summary, we understand how a woman can grasp the man’s heart? To grasp the man’s heart, you must understand his psychology and vote for what he wants. Although the words can be said casually, but also try to be consistent with his pace, the only way to truly win the man’s heart.


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