How to judge whether a girl likes you or not?


Boys sometimes have some illusions that this girl has already liked him. But sometimes some boys are not so simple to find out if girls like themselves. If a girl has a crush on a boy, there will be some information.

How to judge whether a girl likes you or not, what a girl likes, how do you like it?

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  How do you judge whether a girl likes you or not? Can be seen through these 5 information!

  First, she is more compliant when speaking to boys.

Girls are more supple and more shy, so the tone of speech is more lethal. When she likes a boy, she will show the most supple side. In order to make a good impression on the boys, the soft and shy tone is a simple way to seduce boys.

  Second, she is both focused and confused when she looks at boys.

The human eye is the most honest and will not deceive people. When a girl likes a boy, when she looks at the boys, she has small stars in her eyes and puts all her attention on a boy she likes, but when their eyes meet, she will shyly take her eyes back. .

How to judge whether a girl likes you or not, what a girl likes, how do you like it?

  Third, she doesn’t want to talk about privacy when chatting with boys.

When she and the boys talk about anything, she will be interested in any topic, and she is very concerned about the mood of the boys. When the girl reveals her thoughts to the boys, she does not dare to reveal some privacy. She will treat her favorite boys as her own. Don’t talk, and share your privacy with your favorite boys. This is also a good embodiment of her willingness to entrust herself to this boy.

 Fourth, she will show herself in front of boys.

The girl always maintains a perfect image in front of her favorite boys. She was very shy when she first became a crush on the boys, but when she was familiar with the boys, she would show her lively side. I usually wear my most beautiful clothes, sing in front of my favorite boys, and use whatever things around me to attract the attention of boys.

  Fifth, the incredible anger when jealous

Don’t underestimate the woman’s possessiveness. When she likes a boy, it is equivalent to the boy who belongs to him. When her favorite boys and other girls are flirtatious and talkative, she will be intolerable and very born. Boys’ temperament, if the boy goes to find her, she will ignore it and say something unfriendly, which fully reflects that the girl is jealous, she apologizes waiting for the boy’s gift.

How to judge whether a girl likes you or not, what a girl likes, how do you like it?

  Women like three men most

  Humorous man

Men, or should have a sense of humor, in order to bring more happiness to girls, the current social pressure is too big, the girl most need a boyfriend to bring of course is a happy mood.

 Handsome man

Men like beautiful women, which is well known. As everyone knows, women also like handsome men. Some people think that women like the “powerful” man on the bed, but “fight” and “not fierce” have nothing to do with the muscles of the body, but this man is a little handsome, so it will also make women think about it.

  Sexy man

Which man is the sexiest, a woman is an idea. For example, some women think that men are the sexiest when driving. The woman sits in the man’s car, listens to music, goes with him to a place you want to go, and makes the woman feel a romance beyond the daily life. The sense of manipulation of his driving made the woman feel at ease. At this time, sitting in the car seat to see the man driving the silhouette of the car, I feel his mysterious, majestic, unlimited ability, so that women think about thousands.


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