Learn the tricks of attracting the opposite sex. Women will quietly become popular.


Everyone wants to be a geek, but a jealous woman is not fascinating. Therefore, women must change themselves and make themselves better to attract the opposite sex. So how do women attract the opposite sex? In fact, this is skillful. If you want to know, let’s take a look.

How do women attract the opposite sex

1. Know how to be considerate

Whether it is a single man or a man who already has a partner, you will want your object, or potential object, to understand yourself.

We often say that men and women have different ideas, and it doesn’t matter if they think differently. The most important thing is to understand people.

In the eyes of men, this is really very, very, very important. No matter how big the three or seventy-one, the boyfriend has to give up some of his own conditions to satisfy his own girl, it is really not tempting.

Indeed, love needs to be accommodated and given concessions, but there is no sense of proportion, and the behavior of understanding and understanding is not good for love.

2, to love beauty

Women don’t want to take any opportunity to make themselves more beautiful. If you have the condition to do skin care, you can buy it if you change your clothes. In short, don’t let yourself be a jealous woman, but let yourself be a bright and beautiful woman. .

3, to create a unique body odor

The unique aroma of a woman often makes men feel fascinated, a touch of shampoo fragrance, some elegant perfume taste, is a good choice.

But don’t use strong scented cosmetics, such as old love sprayed with scented perfume, this is not necessary. Being too irritating can be counterproductive and offensive.

4, sincere smile

Happiness is the key to success, and attracting the opposite sex is no exception.

Keeping your smile will make women more approachable and more likely to attract men.

However, it should be borne in mind that smiles must be sincere, because men can easily identify the true and false of women’s smiles.

Three actions make women attractive to the opposite sex

1, staring at each other

Eye contact is a powerful emotional connection tool. When people gaze at each other for 3 seconds, they will interrupt their eye contact. When the gaze time is extended, there may be no sparks.

2, head tilt

When talking to him, tilt your head to show a harmonious relationship. During the courtship period, this action is also provocative.

Head close to the shoulder means harmony and identity. The tilt of the head during the date will make the conversation of the couple more enthusiastic and direct, and the communication will be smoother.

3, spoiled wild

As the saying goes, “soft energy Ke Gang”, the gentleness of a woman is the best weapon for men, the gentle woman is particularly feminine, and the woman who will be spoiled is more likely to make men feel bad.

A spoiled woman is especially feminine, allowing men to breed their compassion. Let your man give you the most generous arm and let him give you the warmest embrace.


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