What are the reasons for the growing number of women left? Why are women left to marry?


What is a leftover woman? Woman left refers to the older, but still not married women . So what is the reason why more women are left now? What is the reason why the remaining women are difficult to marry?

More and more women are left. What is the reason why women are left to marry? How do women marry themselves?

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The reason why more women are left

1. Superior narcissism

Of course, some older girls feel that they are the best, can’t see their shortcomings and shortcomings, but it is because of her narcissism, so it is not flattering.

2, open mind and casual mentality

Talk one, play one, play one, and one. Playing love as a game, playing the other as a monkey, not respecting the result of love and the other party, is abandoned by love and abandoned by the other party.

3, ideal perfect plot psychology

Some older women are looking for objects in accordance with the mode of film and television dramas or textbooks. Where is the object, this is looking for idols. You know, idols can’t live, really live with idols, it will make you vomit.

More and more women are left. What is the reason why women are left to marry? How do women marry themselves?

  4, closed fear

Once bitten, twice shy. Because of the injuries, I can no longer believe in feelings, especially love. It should be noted that love is inherently illusory and easy to change, but not all people are love scammers. The fate is up. The person you hit comes, and true love comes.

The way women left to marry themselves

1. Overcome the fear in your heart

Marriage is to let two people live together better and better. Marriage is not one thing. As long as you meet the right person, marriage will make you happier. Try to accept the ones who love you, the ones you love, don’t escape, keep going, the two people go together to find happiness, and finally you will find that you were the right choice when you first married him.

More and more women are left. What is the reason why women are left to marry? How do women marry themselves?

  2, busy work, but also take time to fall in love

Many people complain that their work is too busy, how can they fall in love? In fact, time is crowded and squeezed. You can eat together and get to work together. If you are far away, you can contact the social channels such as telephone, QQ, WeChat, etc. When you are tired and busy, someone cares about you and comforts you. Is your heart better?

3, try to love

Many women have higher requirements. They should first observe from the aspects of appearance, economy, and conversation. As long as they do not meet the requirements, they will directly pass, and there will be no closer communication. At the beginning, not everyone was passionate. Some people were shy and nervous, so the first exchange was not because of excessive reasons, such as looking down on people, lowering the height, and closing their mouths. It is to solve everything with money… It can give people a chance to communicate for the second time.

As long as you give people a chance, people will have the opportunity to understand you. You also know him. After the two sides understand the satisfaction, will love come?

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