What kind of woman does a man want to marry?


When it comes to marriage, it is said that a woman marries a lang is the greatest happiness in this life. In fact, men don’t think so. Women want to have a man who only loves themselves, and men want to have a wife who is good at all. . For men, what kind of woman do you prefer to marry?

What kind of woman does a woman want to marry? Which woman is suitable for a wife?

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 What do men value women most?

  Beautiful appearance

Men have to admit that you are a visual animal of the Appearance Association. A lot of love at first sight stems from the appearance. To say that a man is interested in a woman at first sight must first depend on her appearance. In many cases, men understand that women are from the outside to the inside, and the appearance is not so eye-catching, there is no interest in understanding. Only through appearance can you discover your inner beauty. Therefore, women should change beauty, which is also a great weapon to conquer men.

  Kind character

To be brave, strong, and kind, men value women’s kindness, and to say that a woman’s character is good, is to a large extent praise the woman’s very kind side. Most of the goodness of women is manifested in generosity, fairness, and obedience. Many times, if they are willing to grieve, they will not trouble others. They will give him a big bed and tea comfort when the man is tired. Such a woman Naturally, men can’t bear to leave.

What kind of woman does a woman want to marry? Which woman is suitable for a wife?

  Have a sense of responsibility

After marriage, women must play at least three major roles: wife, mother and daughter-in-law. As the husband’s wife has the ability to solve the problem for her husband, and the mother’s responsibility is to do better for the healthy growth of the child ; the responsibility of the wife is to give the in-laws a good old age. To put it simply, it is to educate the children, to help the husband to support the family, and to honor the parents.

  Good family background

Men pay attention to a woman’s family background, not only in terms of conditions, whether they are good in education, and whether they can help themselves after marriage. There are parents’ marriage, family economy and social relations. The so-called door-to-door relationship is that the family background is the same or similar, so that the match between the two people will be higher and the marriage will be more harmonious.

What kind of woman does a woman want to marry? Which woman is suitable for a wife?

  Men like to find what kind of girl to marry

1. Love him very much. The world of feelings is fair and mutual. Women want to find a man who loves himself and hurts himself. The same is true for men. I hope to have a woman who only loves herself and knows herself.

2, parents like him very much. Many times, men and women are as meticulous as they are, and they hope that they are very popular everywhere, especially the woman’s house. I hope that I will pay attention to it. The woman’s parents like him and care about her own children .

3. Have a stable job. Both sides have a stable job that is more stable for future life. After all, the economy is the material basis.

4, family conditions are good. Both families have good family conditions to make their life more affluent, and at the same time reduce the burden.

5, academic qualifications. It will be convenient to communicate and have a common topic in common language.

6. Know yourself better. Can accept his strengths and weaknesses, rather than blindly requesting changes.

7, love the house and black. Can accept his parents, and filial to the elders.

8, the heart of tolerance. Many times, in the face of his shortcomings and things, more tolerance, rather than just complaining.


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