What women can’t tolerate in love?


I believe everyone knows that falling in love is the happiest and most exhausting thing in the world. In love, women can’t tolerate certain things. Once they break these taboos, women will be completely disappointed with men, even for them. Love is desperate, which leads to the end of love, so everyone should know how to avoid these taboos in order to get along better. Let’s take a look at it.

Women in love can't tolerate any little tricks of falling in love. What are the taboos of falling in love?

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  What can women not tolerate in love?

  1. Deception.

As a woman, the most intolerable is probably cheating. Whether it is a man or a deception from various relatives and friends, it is the most intolerable thing for women. Whether it is a big lie or a small lie, if a man often deceives a woman during a period of falling in love, then the woman will be completely disappointed with the man.

  2. Violence.

No matter what conflicts between men and women, men should not try to beat women. Once a woman feels violence from men, whether it is language violence or physical violence, women’s psychology will be seriously frustrated, resulting in The breakdown of the relationship.

  3. Indifference.

Generally speaking, women want men to say a lot of sweet words to her, instead of two people, once there is some contradiction, men begin to become indifferent, because in the indifference time, women often think of a lot of things, so also It will make women feel very intolerable.

Women in love can't tolerate any little tricks of falling in love. What are the taboos of falling in love?

  What taboos must I avoid when I am in love?

  1, bad temper.

When two people fall in love, each person has his own temper, but if one party has a very bad bad temper, such as a sudden fire, there may even be language and physical conflicts. This can make women feel a huge insult, which leads to a better and more intimate relationship between women and men.

  2. Lack of respect.

When these two people fall in love, no matter how close they are, they should communicate with each other on the premise of respecting each other. If a woman does not have any respect in the man’s body, even if the man regards the woman as a tool, then It will make women feel intolerable and even suffer from very serious setbacks, so they should be avoided.

In general, women are not so terrible creatures. They just need to be hurt by people. Because their daughters are originally made of water, they are gentle like water, but once women are insulted and experienced. Some things that you can’t tolerate, then women may make the water in their hearts become ice-like, or even melt, making people unable to get close, so this requires everyone to respect each other and to accommodate each other when they fall in love. Let the love between you last longer.

  Four strange psychology when a woman is in love

  1, women like to use false meaning to transfer the heart

When women are in love, they often want their boyfriends to say: “Dear”, “Without you and me, I am very lonely”, “I can never leave you” and other sweet words. However, menrarely know this.

Women in love can't tolerate any little tricks of falling in love. What are the taboos of falling in love?

  For this reason, girls will consciously be friendly and intimate with other men in front of their boyfriends, in an attempt to arouse the boyfriend’s vinegar to test the degree of sincerity of her boyfriend, but in reality it is often counterproductive. Because most men believe in this kind of “empathy” of women, and voluntarily withdraw from love, which leads to the end of a good relationship between the two sides.

  2, women often have uncontrollable jealousy

Women are very sensitive to people or things around them, especially in love, she will constantly compare herself with others, and always worry that her value will not be recognized by the other party, so it will cause embarrassment, sometimes it will I can’t get rid of myself. ‘Jealousy is harmful, it is not only detrimental to others, but also affect their physical and mental health .

  3, women often have strange strange sadism

Women in love have a sense of sadism. For example, when dating a lover, they will deliberately delay, or deliberately not go to the appointment, so that long-lost lovers are anxious, irritated, confused, worried, and even suffering. To get the happiness of her boyfriend for her pain.

In love, this slight occasional “abuse” is also an indispensable “prescription”. Just like chili sauce, the right amount of chili sauce can make the food appetizing, but often, excessive abuse is a metamorphosis. It is absolutely unacceptable.

  4, women like to say the opposite, often use “not” to mean “yes”

The way women express their desires in the process of love is generally more implicit, euphemistic, and sometimes reverse. When she says “no”, her heart is often “good and willing.” When a girlfriend goes to the movies, the boyfriend is going to buy a ticket, the girlfriend says no, the boyfriend will not go, wait for the girlfriend to buy, then the movie will definitely not be made.

This peculiar psychology of women is actually a self-protection strategy. Of course, sometimes it is also the true inner expression of women. Men master this kind of abnormal love psychology of women in love, carefully consider and truly comprehend, which will help the success of love.


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